Saturday, 2 June 2012

LGBT??? What about Code of Ethic???

Is it okay for LGBT to barge in something without having consulted with another deaf people in our fragile community? My answer is “of course, NOT”. I am fully respected for their lifestyle; I have no right to judge their lifestyle that they choose.

WHY? Let me explain.

First of all, NAD is supposed to serve “deaf” people for their needs not helping their sex lifestyle.

Code of ethic is most important factor in people’s life. I have several of them that is kept in my mind to pay respect to somebody else in opposite if I knew that I would achieve something that upset them.

Let me tell a bit about hunting, I am myself a hunter for many years but I have not gone hunting for long time since anyway I went to a hunting club while ago and they have their own code of ethic and that is where we need to pay respect to many non-hunters out there.  If we can pay respect to them therefore we can continue hunting without their angers. For instance, is it okay to put huge antler of moose probably 8 feet across on top of your truck to brag or a bloody leg hanging out at one of corner of pick up truck or a line of dripping blood from your pick up truck on the road.  Of course not, that will encourage non-hunter or animal activism to fight and they will attempt to shut us down. We are encouraged to keep carcass and antler covered well and make sure it is un-exposed and that is the way we can pay respect to non-hunters or animal activism.

Hearing gay community (so much diff from deaf gay community) did a great job keeping their business at their own corner far down the street in gay community.  Their code of ethic encourage them not to expose male to male or female to female made out or kissing in public that will disgust many people therefore they will do an effort to push them away.  Same with straight lovers, they would do their business in hidden places. (Of course, some people do not care but it is pretty rarely to see them exposed in public now).

Now public schools prohibit teaching religious because they are keeping their own code of ethic without upsetting several different religious. It is okay for them to practice their own religious at their own Sunday schools. It has proven that this code of ethic succeeds.

There are so many code of ethic that we should practice to pay respect for many people. Is it okay to protest your gay lifestyle or against someone in particular because he is anti-gay. This governor is entitling to his own opinion. I am myself also against the way gay practice but I will respect them if they can remain under code of ethic and stay at their own corner therefore we stay at our own corner.  We do not protest the right of Christian at NAD or we do not protest right of Muslim at NAD, WHY? Because we knew that we need to respect our own Code of Ethic. Same with hunting, suppose, if shown antler on top of truck or dripping on the road from bloody leg, it will disgusted bypass vehicles. Do you think we wouldn’t be disgust on your own action? We are very disgusted. Stay at your own corner and pay respect for non-gay communities.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who is really Dawn Schriver?????

This is my own personal expression about how those typical people behave in the cyber world. Sorry for the background color that may refer me as a dark world. It takes forever to upload designer page. I will do modify one day soon.

I would like to bring this up since recently incident at Facebook. First of all, I applauded Dawn Schriver for coming into one of my vlog called “Where in the world is Paddy Ladd” This vlog is about author’s strategy to collect monies from reader. Normally, if I am author myself, I would have my own responsible to clear up some misunderstood since many Big “D” radical has misinterpret this book from Paddy Ladd. Therefore I claimed that he just care on how he can make money from this book he wrote. Dawn Schriver came in my vlog and left some comments, I never knew her before. It was nice of her introduced me and asked some question and recommend me to collect the information before I made the vlog. I replied I disagreed because I have seen enough bedlam in this community since deaf hood coined in 2000. Barry Sewell came in and Sean (NAD) also came in and left a long and professional manner discourse. I, unfortunately, could not be able to involve this discourse with three of them due to my slow internet service in my rural home. I will have to drive one hour to get to a nicest coffee shop in town for a better internet service. I, of course, watched those three wonderful people continued leaving very good and very manner comments under my vlog. I, later, thanked them for their action. It is huge benefit for this deaf community, and we can learn from those three how we suppose to continue discourse. I strongly believe we can sit down and share our opinions no matter if we can agree or disagreed but yet pay respect to each other.  I then end up conversation with Dawn via Facebook that led us becoming friend.

Of course, when you became a friend at Facebook therefore you will see her/his status on your page. I was expecting to see more adult in this page but instead of not what I expected. I understand some people likes to talk dirty like swearing or talking sex things.  I realized that Dawn likes to talk that way like those teenagers. I have no problem with that but I need to cautious about this because my own children can read what it is at in Facebook. I do not usually talk that way, I do not permit this type of language in my house.  I involved some discussion with Dawn over some issues. I thought some of comments were more of professional manner. She became upset and said that I crammed this into her throat. I was puzzled and double checking to see if it is actually her compared to herself under my vlog.  I send her private inbox and asked her if my comment is too harsh for her. She said no.

I, then, saw her status about 4 people who contributed to deaf community included Ricky Taylor known as Ridor9th, I, of course, was puzzled because he is known for hurting so many people’s reputation included me. I came into one of his vlog very long time ago discussing about gay bill at California, (Bill 8, I think). I thought I would jump in leaving text message and explained him about the history why the gay was banned on the Earth. It was long time ago; gay was banned because the kings were concerned about producing babies. If there were too may gay therefore no producing on babies and they would end up with shorten people to defend their own fort or castle. I understand that Creator is against this type of situation but it is not what I am talking about.  Ridor then backfire me with horrible, I mean real horrible, comments, I backed myself out, it was only few week after my internet was finally installed, I quickly browsed and surf around internet, and I found him first due to his signing language in a vlog. I thought I would get involved in these discussions. I am not very shy person; I can confront anyone who thinks different because this is who I am.  I simply lost respect for Ridor and I realized that there are so many victims like myself. I, of course, would come in anywhere to kick his ass off if I see him threaten someone else. All I got is his furious comments included bully and swearing comments especially told me to have a sex with animals. Of course, he may think he is biggest man in cyber world but he is actually very small or smaller than nano. He would urine himself if he sees me in a real person. His reputation is shrinking everyday, he eventually will disappear one day soon especially he was charged for larceny and was sent to prison. I am hoping that his pardon will decline him from coming to Canada. No offend for my friends from US.

Anyway, I grew up in a gang but my gang would never look for trouble because we never thought about any troubles. I do not have any single record with police but to have a good times included fighting, drugs, drinking and women. I would confront anyone who tried to bully someone else smaller. I recall when I was sitting on one of corner at school and smoke a cigarette, I happened saw a bigger guy who bullied on small guy, I am not sure what it is all about but I told myself, he should have pick someone his own size, I then saw two girls giggled nearby and enjoyed this scene on what this guy was doing as if it is okay.  I, of course, threw my cigarette and took my coat off and confronted this guy. He was terrified and ran away even he is slight bigger than me. This small guy was shaken and thanked me. I believe we should treat fairness to each other. Pick someone your own size.

POOF, which is what I see in Dawn Shriver’s status few days ago like those giggle girls. When Ridor started to leave harsh comments under Dawn's status, Dawn just had her hand off and told me it is her problem not mine, I told her of course, it is her problem but I tend to stand up to protect friends from someone who would destroy their reputation. Ridor is famous for this one because of so many stories anywhere from Gally, or his former friends, it would be page to page listing on what many people are talking about his behavior. Then Dawn told me to  masturbate myself, I was puzzled it is not what I saw her under my vlog. What made her, I have no idea, maybe she would prefer to remain in teenager year like what I saw two girls giggled when a bigger guy bullied on a small guy.  Is that HER? I then checked her friend list, she is befriending with many people who loves to bully in cyber world. I was confused because Dawn disagree this kind of method on her own comment under my vlog.  I then gladly kicked myself out of her account and declined un-friend with her.

She is no longer professional manner that I was highly expected of her, I always told her it is always nice to have her type of manner like her around to help us understanding on her own end about deaf world.  She believes in deaf hood or audism that I don’t.  I guess her immature behaviour simply turn me off.  I told myself that is another typical of deaf hood who would love to see people who disagree to be put down.

Best luck Dawn Schriver and I do hope you would wake up one day and realized your world of teenager needs to go. You would be very useful if you behave better than Ricky, and eliminate him off because this is the way I see him in you.  I am off to peace life now. It is much better in my Facebook status right now after eliminate some related with those kinds of people.  I am forwarding to discourse in more of professional manner with any opposite. I will always respect anyone who disagreed or think differently, I would love to debate those people with healthy discourses.  I have absolute zero respect for Ridor9th or known as Ricky Taylor

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Deaf rights????

While ago when I saw radical big “D” militants were being protested for deaf rights. I was okay by it because that is the way we can preserve our own language. I believe signing ASL is very beautiful. I recall that I was sitting in city bus with my friend and we chatted for many blocks. My friend grew discomfort because he noticed that another passenger was staring completely on us. Of course, my friend asked that guy “What’s up”. Poor guy scrambled into his backpack and pulled out a note and pen. He wrote ’Sorry, I am enjoying watching and tried to understand a bit. I think it is most beautiful thing that you guys chatted with each other.’

But nowadays, our beautiful language has become black eye by those big “D” militant because they are protesting for the rights. If they are protesting to preserve ASL, I would understand and support that. Right now, they are protesting for people’s choice. It is a big turn off for me. I do not support anyone who protests against people’s choice. If they chose to wear pink shirt, so be it, if they choose to cut hair short so be it, if they choose to have CI so be it, if they choose to be oralist, so be it. It is waste of time protesting these matters. We ought to do better than that. We should have focus on developing better language along with academic to help those deaf children to have an advance literacy skills.  All those protestors with a deficiency in understanding English should do better than that. That is totally embarrassment.  

Karl White wrote two letters, shown at TheHolism’s blogs, it proves that Karl White has a biggest heart and offered AFA to join and he also offered them to meet in a secure room with an interpreter. But one protestor leader turned into nano-protestor crowd and said EDHI refused to allow them to enter, that is an audism (I never will include that word in my dictionary). Karl mentioned in that letter that he urged them to register for access. If they do not do so therefore they shall not be permitted to enter. It is also another totally embarrassment.

It is all about glory and fame that AFA are targeting for.

I am totally disagreed how they approach with rights compared to black movement, gay movement, women movement, and some more. I understand Black community are trying to get rid of segregation, gay community are trying to get rid of being clam up and to be left alone, and Women community to get rid of belittle and want to be treating equally. That is considering human beings. Those matters are mostly related to physical or verbal abuses.

Deafness is just medical term or condition that will never be compared with those rights as explained above.  Being deafness is not human beings; it is just medical condition that limits us from hearing. It is not even close to another rights by black, gay, and women…

Even sometime we just can’t meet this category of the rights, for instance, women would be unable to work in heavy hauling jobs like for example construction. I recall that one woman demanded to work in our construction company and in end of the day, she quit because she realized that it do not suit to her. It doesn’t mean that she can’t work there; it is because of her strength that does not fit in. I would understand if women can’t vote. That is correct type of right.  Often if I failed to be in this category therefore I would seek for another opportunity, no need for me to fight my own right to barge into something that will cause problem for some kind of situations.  

It is very wrong for you guys to fight for the rights on people’s choice. It is just medical condition we have therefore we should accept for who we are and show our best instead of fighting for silly rights that those big “D” militants have been doing since deaf hoof coined in 2000.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bible Versions and deafness

It is my first time to write two blogs less than few hours. I just cringed with anyone who would kept firing with Bible versions  against someone else while that person do not know that there are many promises in the Bible.

First of all, if any of you are atheist therefore I recommend you to leave this page, it is worthless to debate with those type of people who never understood Bible.

I am here to protect our beloved Creator in His vain name.

Let’s discuss this here how we should behave with Bible while we are deaf.  I know a guy John ( I wouldn’t use his last name to save his face) who is former my roommate. He has cursed at Creator for his wife leaving him. I prayed and prayed for him and for his healing. He seems become okay after that. In Later years, he become angry at me for shooting at deaf hood and its foundation. He then fired me with all Bible versions. It is pretty conflicted with his action.

I love to read The Holism’s blogs, I admire how he put the literacy together, He is my truly mentor and teacher. He wrote a blog called ‘Dismissal and imposing by D extremists’. Dean (Ferretrex) started to fire with Bible versions at Barry. I must admit that I laughed so hard because it is pretty much conflicted with his action and this Bible.

That is also where I got frustrated to see those typical of people would use the Bible as weapon. It is like it is their bodyguard. If the debate began and continued until one of those decided to fire one other with Bible versions hoping that will clam up this person. It is actually erroneous thing to do. We simply cannot use Bible as weapon. This book is the purpose for the guidance for people who felt they are lost or seek for light or advices. It is also like someone who never used handgun before and tried it with live rounds in the chambers. I hope that people do have life or medicine insurance.

What made me cringe on my office chair and realized that those typical of people has missed so much included those  big D extremist or activism who also practice Christianity.  They has forgotten that Our Beloved Creator has already promise us that we shall be normal again, according to this Bible Version.

Matthew Chapter 11 Version 4,

Jesus spoken: 4)Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: 5)The blind see and the lame walk: the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear: the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preachers to them 6)and blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.

This versions has been extremely close to my heart and I strongly believe that our Creator will make us normal again. Now why should we worry about our deafness or our medical term. I thought it would be waste of our time fighting for our rights due to our medical term.  What does Creator really wants us to do? Fighting for our rights, absolute not…He simply wants us to help one others and be humanity. Helping someone in needy, give shelter, give water and food, give clothes that is what we shall be blessed for.

It is consider very offence to our Creator while we worried about our deafness. We should or could have done better than that. It is a purpose for us to be deaf we ought to accept this because we are blessed to be deaf.

Now let’s focus on Humanity instead of our medicine term.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Deaf culture is on its path to destruction.

Mind you if you want to criticize my grammars then so be it but please bear with me. Yes, I have been struggled to write grammar properly. It seems to that I understand more of vocabularies than it is with grammars.  This is where I will stand that I do admit that therefore no need for somebody took this advantage and belittle me.  LOL.

After recently incident after what those extremist or big D had achieved, I feel that I am being prompted to write another blog because I noticed that those particular people who tend to think they are right. I really have no problem with that but yet they do need to understand one other’s perspectives. Often from what I understand that most of those extremist or big D would get angry and fire back with personal attacks like what Adrian Mack did with someone else because she expected everyone to follow one‘s thought.

Remember that we live in the country where we have our diversities and have much different opinion as per freedom speech. I can share with you with one of my favourite hobby, an art. I went to art gallery once in while, I saw many different arts posted there. I must admit that I hate 95 percent of them but I reversed myself and asked myself why do I hate those arts? It is just because I dislike their colors, graphics, and their thoughts.

Ahh speaking of thoughts, I backed myself out and realized that I need to respect those artists for their desire putting something on a white and blank piece of paper or cloth. All artists are not the same. Some use their expression, some use observation from anything, some use emotional. Those arts are supposed to make people guessing something and determine why they are putting their own ideas on this sheet of paper or clothes.

That is where I learned and understand that everybody has their own different opinions but that is not what I saw in those big D or extremist. I will permit if they felt that they are activism instead of extremist. Still -ism or -ist are considering the same. I usually do not permit anything related to this in my dictionary because they are vague to our own eyes and cause too much misunderstood.

It is okay if you feel that you should think differently. I have no problem with that but to fire back or personal attacks won’t solve anything that will always led into dividing or power in the rank. I watched how well they behave in debating show. I understand that those men/women who think so much different but they get along during this debate. This is the purpose for the people out there to decide what it is best for them not by forcing them to follow.

From what I had observed, we are on the path to destruction.  I have a deaf parent; I asked them how they felt from being deafness in old days. They admitted that they never thought about it. This world in old days was doing just fine. Everybody respected one others and the world understood how we deaf people were living until…. deaf hood came or until extremists or activism came. It was coined in 2000 and now it is on its path to destruction. I used to pride being deafness I would tend teasing my hearing friend that I have many advantage for being deafness, for instance, sleep well, or loudly nagging from wife.

I knew several couples who have deaf children. They realized that it was so much angry and miserable world in our culture. I must admit that I am no longer pride being deafness now because of what they had acted.  I tried to convince one of family. They tried to send her child to deaf school but within two years, this frustrated parent decided to take their child out and send her for mainstream. I, later, discovered that those extremist are pushing them off the cliff. It is considered very embarrassed for me because I encouraged them for the better but actually it is worsen for them. I refused to encourage any parents with deaf children into anything again.

Speaking of cliff, now those extremist or activism and their behaviours are enough to push parents of deaf children off over the cliff. They thought they would get away with but instead of in this abyss, there are many services and opportunities for those deaf children as if to “FIX” them. Those parents of deaf children are no longer interest to send their child to deaf school or learn ASL because of their angry culture.

May I ask you an extremist or an activism, supposedly if you are at other side? What would you observe? I observed that it is on its path to destruction.

Friday, 14 October 2011

HOLISM, What is it?

In response of this reductionism “Deaf  Anthology” and his well-known bashing on TheHolism as a personal instead of political observation.
In your statement, this author Jan Smuts spoken in the volume of one side of the story who considered himself a reductionism. In other word, he is no different from Darwin who believed strongly about evolution differ from Bible. These are type of people are trying to differ from any sources to make the money from the books they wrote. Therefore your attention on Theholism in your blogs is the other reason for you to gain the popularity.
Let me rephrase here, Holism means “The theory that whole entities, as fundamental components of reality, have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts.” In plain English, It means to view and analysis this matter as whole not parts to enhance this balance. It has nothing to do with cult or new age movement.  Spoken of Vatican, They are known for conceal the truths.
It is shameful for someone who decided to label this title based on reductionism. Do research on holism and understand this word as wholeness before you wrote in Deafread.  If you do not therefore you share only a part of your perspective instead of wholeness. In another word, “Narrow mind person”
In additional, we are to be taught to observe this community as whole to help noticeably the problems and resolve from there. Deafhood is known for reductionism because they do not view this as whole but focusing on deafhood itself to achieve the rights on their own.  What about our rights? If they understand holism therefore we would merge ourselves on a right path.